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Yard Signs  
Yard signs are the most valuable piece of equipment a campaign or business should have.

he best and cheapest way to jump
start your advertise for  Election Campaign or business Advertising.
Customers and potential customers are driving by your location daily. 
It's the connection link between you and the next sale. Placing these Quality 
yard signs in low speed traffic such as near traffic signs
and parking lot. Entrance and exit area  will have a greater impact,  then other parts of streets
remember for the yard signs to work a potential customers must see and remember information in
1-2 second this is best achieved in slow or stop and go traffic area.
we provide professional quality yard signs at affordable prices.







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Yard Signs

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Yard Signs, Yard Sign   Signs   

Specialslowest price yard signs



Most popular sizes    12"x16"   12"x18"   12"x24"   18"x24"    Other sizes

signs sizes below  are used
 for stand by traffic.
(At traffic light parking lots and subdivisions).  

  Road  signs sizes below  are used for
Hwy traffic.
(At speeds above 45 mph and long distance).  
  Get price 12"x16" FREE Shipping & Stand   Get price 32"x48" 
  Get price12"x18"  FREE Shipping & Stand     Get price 48"x48"  
  Get price 12"x24" FREE Shipping political
yard signs
Yard Signs
signs sizes below  are
used for slow traffic.
(15to35 mph)
Lawn signs sizes below are
used as billboard.
(Long distance and high impact).
  Get price 16"x24" FREE Shipping   Get price 48"x60"
    Get price 18"x24" FREE Shipping & Stand    Get price 48"x72"
   Get price 24"x24"     Get price 48"x96"
campaign signs large road signs
signs sizes below  are used
 for medium traffic.
(35to45 mph)
    Get price 24"x32" Full color signs
    Get price 24"x36" Full color large road signs
  Get price 24"x48"  
   Get price 36"x36"  

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business signs

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cardboard signs

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road signs

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 Other type on signs: Aluminum signs , Wood signs, Tri fold signs,
Security signs,    Sample signs  Plastic Signs

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Can be used with larger then 18x24 coroplast signs for longer life on the road

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Sleep frame   &   A-frames

Great product for more permanent use of the signs


We ship to all 50 US states EXPRESS SHIPPING AVAILABLE.

In advertising , we call the traffic passing by your location "the river of money".
A business without a yard sign, is a sign of no business. Some people spend more money on buying yard signs that says  going out of business than buying signs to let people know they are in business. The more you tell the more you sell. When it gets to signs, signelect caters to your local needs. Custom signs, banners, plastic signs, magnets and more. We can deliver your signs to all US cities in record time. As compared to you local sign shop most items leave our facility in 3 business days. You will get your signs fast.  You can customize and buy your plastic signs online without having to go through the pain and slow motion of a local sign shop.
website is self explanatory for you to choose and select a sign type.  You can also customize your sign and make changes, few days later and you'll have the signs at your door. signelect is open 24/7 to serve you and always ready to make your yard signs and deliver them to you the fastest way possible. signelect.com is one of the leaders in design and production and advertising
for business and political election campaign.

Lawn signs are an important and essential part of an election campaign. When used properly stork signs are very effective in getting your name out to voters and according to Political scientist Mel Kahn, political signs help build name recognition for Candidates. political signs have been known to make a longer impression on potential voters, especially towards the latter days of the campaign. Two main key points that will make stork signs more noticeable is the color and shape. Using a different shape than then commonly used rectangular and using different colors than your opponents will surely make your yard signs stand out more and have a longer impression.

When placing lawn signs around town, the best ways to put them are at busy intersections, near parks, and school zones. A larger quantity of signs express the enthusiasm that supporters will have in favor of a particular candidate. Asking family
and friends to put up signs on their lawn is a great way to get your name familiar with
the neighborhood and with potential voters. However, beware because some local governments put restrictions as to size of signs and the location of where they can be placed.

Yard signs are also called (Lawn signs, Bandit signs, Plastic signs, Road signs).
Most custom made yard signs in the past have been constructed from cardboard or coated paperboard of varying thickness, set onto a wood frame with either heavy-duty staples or nails with plastic washers.
Since the late 1990s, corrugated plastic signs have become more common for small to medium-sized campaigns.
These sign faces are constructed just like corrugated cardboard, with two outer sides sandwiching a series of flutes that give the sign structure and strength.
These signs can be either attached to a wooden structure,
or set with a metal frame made of 9 gage H wire.

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